In my free time I enjoy photography, flower arranging in my rose garden and romping with my two goldendoodle pups Zanna and Dudley! My husband Lee and I go for walks and runs in the woods. My family is so precious to me and we enjoy traveling together! My musical inspirations come from communicating with God, spending time with those I love and learning the lessons of life all along the wondrous journey. I really love hearing from you my fans and I thank you for your interest in my music!  

Treasuring the past...excited for the future










MUSIC has been a huge part of me from the very beginning -

My mother told the story of how one night when they came home late from the neighbor's house they found me up listening to my favorite tunes on our old red metal record player. (My brothers and sister were all fast asleep.)  A girl needs her music! 

I used to compose songs as a child...I felt that some of the nursery ryhmes needed better melodies.  When I feel a new song coming on I usually cannot rest until I have the basic draft down...during the night it all seems to fall into place...the words with the music. Exquisite times in my existence.  THANK YOU all for listening.

Here is the video of our 2016 recording session at Ron Jones' SkyMuse Studios in Stanwood, Washington. Ron Jones is the composer of some of the Star Trek: The Next Generation music and other shows and movies.  My niece Charis Vockrodt is adding her lovely vocals on my album TREASURE KEEPER, that is our Christmas collection.